Tricky Dicks. 
The game where size is everything. 

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Get ready to measure those Richards!

Tricky Dicks

Tricky Dicks

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Longest, Shortest, Thickest, or Thinnest. Your Dicks are completely unique. 

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On your turn, make a claim about your Richard. Is it the Longest? Could it be the Thickest? Or is it most definitely the Shortest?

How do YOU measure victory?

Is it by being the strongest, fastest, or smartest?


Not anymore!


In Tricky Dicks: The Richard Measuring Contest victory is measured by how many Richards you own when the game ends. 

The hilarious party game that lets everyone play with their Dicks!

Ruler card back (Richard Reference card back).png

If there’s ever a time in the game where the Dicks seem similar and the winner is up for debate.

Don’t be afraid to whip out that ruler and (say it with us) “MEASURE THOSE DICKS!”

Think you measure up better? Time to bust out that wood!

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