Who we are.

Along with designing great games, we also give a "through the lens" experience with live streams at events and shows, along with our own personal brainstorming and development sessions, to help fans (and other weird and motivated people who like to make art and nonsense) feel how the connection is made from "mechanics to magic" in games.


Ever since birth, Cory has been playing games. There are even rumors that he was born with a meeple in his hand! He looks at life through a different lens and can see a game before its even prototyped. As the orange half of WryKnot, Cory uses his intelligence, playfulness, and creative genius to help bring WryKnot's products to life. 

Fourth of July Celebration!! Nothing is


After serving in the military, Ryan decided it was time for a career change. He's always been an outside the box thinker and tabletop games have always been a passion for him, so why not combine them! As the purple half of WryKnot, Ryan uses his humor, organizational skills, and luck to help bring WryKnot's products to life.